Hi! I’m Johno Ardley

About Me

My Life in a Nutshell So Far

I’m a down to earth no BS Aussie, who came to the online marketing world late, but SO glad I did.

Anyway, I assume you’re here because:

  1. You want to make money online
  1. You want a good life.

Perhaps you’re a newbie.  Or you’ve been around for a while.  Either way, you’ve been struggling to make this online home biz thing work.

Or perhaps you’re thinking about starting an online home business.  And you’re wanting to know – what works and what doesn’t?

Are You a Network Marketer?

97% of network marketers are lucky if they make $60 per month.


The point is that you want to quit the rat race, work from home, and create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family.

I get it.

That’s where I was a few years ago.  I found the online world tantalizing on one hand and frustrating as heck on the other. 

Or to quote Sir Winston Churchill, ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’.

 It’s certainly different from the offline world.

For instance, at the age of nine, I started learning to play the guitar. On returning home, Mum asked me if I enjoyed it. I told her that I want to teach the guitar when I grow up.

By the time I was 16, my guitar school became a registered business.

Thanks to some tv exposure as a singer-guitarist, student numbers grew to 350 a week over the next few years.

Call me crazy (many do), but by the time I was into my thirties, it felt a bit stale. I had been there, done that, and bought the tee-shirt.

Now it was time to move on; although I kept playing in bands and theatre restaurants.  Don’t get me wrong – I had a ball. But I knew there was something else for me ‘over the rainbow’.

Do you ever get that feeling?

So, I started thinking about doing something completely different.  “I know, I’ll make money online”, I thought.

So, I started learning about this alien online world.

Who Gives a Crap About This Stuff?

Hardly anyone, you included.  That’s why I kept my personal story short.  (If you want to read more about me, scroll down.)  The real reason you’re here is that you have a problem or two:

  1. You’ve been trying to make money online but finding the going tough.
  1. You find it hard to generate leads without spending a fortune on ads.

There are various reasons for this sad state of affairs.

But you need to be clear on a couple of things:

One of them is that if you don’t have an audience, you’ll find the going very tough.  And the other is that if you can’t generate leads you’re not in business.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s better that you find out now than spend a bunch of money and time only to find out later. 

And like many others, I’ve learned the hard way.  I hope I can save you a bunch of time and money by not making the same mistakes I made.

Now I’m assuming you accept what I’m saying and are ready to move forward.  Here is how we do business online:

We Use Organic Content Marketing Methods

Sure, we can top up with some paid traffic, but the main method we use is organic strategies (ie, free).

And Facebook is our home.

Here is how we do it:

  • We generate free leads from Facebook.
  • We attract people from the content we produce.
  • We post most days.
  • Some of the leads will buy our stuff (if we handle them correctly).

The content gets people to ‘lean forward’.  You can use this method to promote many things including business opportunities, training programs (courses), coaching services, and software tools.  Heck, I know people who’ve used them to sell health products and fitness programs.  

Many people are wary of paid methods, either because they’ve had bad experiences themselves, or have heard horror stories from others.  That’s why they switch to organic methods.

If this looks good to you, great – you have found your true home.

I can help you generate as many leads as you want for almost any product, business, or service that you’re keen to promote. 

On the other hand, if you’re happy to spend more and more money on ads and schemes, and forever looking for the magic elixir, we’re not a good fit.

Here’s another thing…

I can’t help you get rich quick…

Here is what happens to a lot of people who get attracted to the Make Money Online space.

They have a brain seizure and lose all sense of reality

These are the people who were/are wage slaves putting in 40 plus hours a week for a modest income, barely making ends meet.  Yet, when they join one of these money-making schemes, they think the Law of the Universe can somehow be magically suspended.

They know how much time and effort they put into their job to make a crap income, yet they expect to make big money in the online world for a fraction of the time and effort. 

And they want it now.  Crazy, eh?  It reminds me of the gold rush of times past, or the crypto craze today.

Everyone wants to make easy money without putting in the work.  I call it the gambler’s mindset.

It’s like the fat person who gorged on food for 3 years and now wants to lose the accumulated fat in a month.

So yes, this requires a lot of time and effort especially in the early stages, and if that’s not what you want to hear, then click off now.

Someone else will spin you a yarn that you want to hear, then gladly take your money.   

But it’s not TRUTH, not even close.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

I’m not going to mess around with you.  I will give you good value ‘free stuff’ every week.  You’ll learn and if you put in the work, you may make a buck or a lot more.

(Some of my free content is worth more than the courses that others often charge for.)

I’ll share my online marketing experience and knowledge.  And I’ll make you laugh.  Life’s too short to be too serious, yeah?

Be Warned.

I’m what is known in the Australian vernacular as a stirrer.  I can be irreverent (but never irrelevant), a bit naughty, and a maverick.

I see things through the prism of someone who has seen a lot, done a lot, so if you like it, keep reading.

So yeah, I have free resources for you.  But I also have paid offers.  That’s how I make money.

And presumably, you have the same goal.  So don’t get hot and bothered if I also include a few sales pitches here and there.

Watch closely – learn how I do it and apply it to your business.  But there’s plenty going on behind the scenes which you won’t know about.

And that’s where I shine.

Because it’s the detail that most people don’t get when they put themselves on the perpetual ‘free stuff’ treadmill.

Don’t be that person.

Here’s how I can help you

My main focus is to help you generate leads and sales using organic Facebook traffic methods. But it’s not the only way to generate leads – I have others too, one of which I will introduce you to soon.  Keep reading.

And here’s my first sales pitch to you….

Go back to the home page and read some of my blog posts.

For instance, one of them is from a guy I greatly admire.  I’ve structured it as a warts and all review.  I’m sure you’ll find it interesting – read it here.   He’s set up an automated funnel system complete with a done-for-you traffic package.  Not Facebook organic, but a dead-simple way to get traffic flowing fast.

Very cool.

And if you think I can help you improve your results when it comes to organic marketing on Facebook, consider working with me.

Reach out to me on Facebook and have a conversation.  I’ll even tell you one of my lame jokes.

Thank you for reading this page and I look forward to getting to know you better.



As I said, my name is Johno Ardley. Nice to meet you.

Once upon a time, I was a baby boy. But because it’s become un-pc to be gender-specific, I should just stick with “child”. Which, btw, was a wonderful childhood in the middle-class ‘burbs of Melbourne Australia.

I chose my parents pretty well. They were loving, caring, and above all, encouraging – as was my big sister and on occasions, my brother. I always felt sorry for many of my friends who weren’t as fortunate.

Somehow, I found time to give birth to three amazing kids – a Kiwi and two Aus-trucken-falians – and not a stretch mark in sight!

They’re my biggest successes.

I had many jobs while still gigging in my spare time in both Australia and New Zealand. These were mainly sales-related jobs (insurance, security, cars etc).

I worked at and owned a number of small publishing businesses over the years. Advertising (or marketing) fascinated me so I was happy to pitch in with my two-cents worth.

Then came … ‘The INTERWEB’ !!

As you’ve already discovered internet marketing is the main focus for me now.

I am (primarily) an “Affiliate-Marketer”. That means I earn a commission by promoting other people’s products.

They say, “life is a journey, not a race”. And that journey can be amazing – IF you let it. Keep an eye out for opportunities – do your due-diligence – then, if it feels right, give it your best shot!

One of the beauties of starting an online business is it doesn’t have to be full-time unless you want it to be. That’s what I love about it.

*Would you like to be your own boss and work wherever you want?

*What’s your passion?

*What are your hopes and dreams?

*What sort of lifestyle do you want for yourself and your family?

If you would like to talk to me about any of these matters, pm me or check out my website and see where it takes you.