MY LIFE (in a nutshell) So Far…

There was a time when I would get lots of comments about being the “youngest” this and that. — Now? Not so much…

But the awesome part is that I’ve fitted a lot of living into my life – good and bad, happy and sad, successful and crappy.

… That’s life, right?

My name is Johno Ardley. Nice to meet you.

Once upon a time, I was a baby-boy. But because it’s become un-pc to be gender specific, I should just stick with “child”. Which, btw, was a wonderful childhood in the middle-class ‘burbs of Melbourne Australia.

I chose my parents pretty well. They were loving, caring, and above-all, encouraging – as was my big sister and on occasions, my brother. I always felt sorry for many of my friends who weren’t as fortunate.

At the age of nine, I started learning to play the guitar. On returning home, Mum asked me if I enjoyed it? I told her that I want to teach the guitar when I grow up.

By the time I was 16, my guitar school became a registered business. Thanks to some tv exposure as a singer-guitarist, student numbers grew to 350 a week over the next few years.

Call me crazy (many do), but it all grew a bit stale by the time I was into my thirties. I had been there, done that, and bought the tee-shirt.

Now it was time to move on; although I did keep playing in bands and theatre-restaurants, blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong – I had a ball. But I knew there was something else for me ‘over the rainbow’.

… Do you ever get that feeling?

Somehow, I found time to give birth to three amazing kids – a Kiwi and two Aus-trucken-falians – and not a stretch mark in sight!

💖They’re my biggest successes💖

I had many jobs while still gigging in my spare-time in both Australia and New Zealand. These were mainly sales-related jobs (insurance, security, cars etc).

I worked at, and owned a number of small publishing businesses over the years. Advertising (or marketing) fascinated me so I was happy to pitch in with my two-cents worth.

Then came … ‘The INTERWEB’ !!

As publishing became tougher, “internet marketing” became the new kid on the block. It was time for a change of direction…

Internet Marketing was a whole new and exciting ball-game with unlimited possibilities. Automation tools-of-the-trade are endless – making it simpler and cheaper to get started.

You can work at home if you want to, or anywhere in the world for that matter – with or without prior experience.
… Who wouldn’t want that sort of freedom?

fyi: Internet-Marketing is also known as Online-Marketing.

I am (primarily) an “Affiliate-Marketer”. That means I earn a commission by promoting other people’s products.

They say, “life is a journey, not a race”. And that journey can be amazing – IF you let it. Keep an eye out for opportunities – do your due-diligence – then, if it feels right, give it your best shot!

One of the beauties of starting an online business, is it doesn’t have to be full-time unless you want it to be. That’s what I love about it.

*Would you like to be your own boss and work wherever you want?

*What’s your passion?

*What are your hopes and dreams?

*What sort of lifestyle do you want for you and your family?

If you would like to talk to me about any of these matters, pm me or check out my website and see where it takes you.

Whatever you choose, have an amazing life….

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