So I’m a Lurker

When it comes to social media, the 90-9-1 Rule often applies.

Here is how it works:

90% of People Are Lurkers.

Mostly comprised of uncommitted people, a hardcore is genuinely interested in what you’re doing.

When the time is right or when your offer excites, they reach out. Lurkers can make you plenty of money.

But you have to keep the content coming. Ease up, and you’ll pay the price.

9% of People Casually Participate—a Like here and a Comment there.

1% of People Create Most Content. These are the people who are posting all the time.

And if their content is good – above average – they will naturally build a tribe of followers.

It’s the content that drives the engagement and the number of your true followers.

The point is that you can make a significant impact by choosing to be in the 1% group. Ready to step up?

What excites you the most about your business?

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